Welcome to WildBloom!

Hello and welcome to WildBloom! In the past two years we have started a brand, added to that brand, bought a new brand and re-branded (how’s that for a lot of branding:-)), so we thought it was time we got to know each other!

Our company began in 2018 as a result of a perfect storm of working moms needing to shift directions. For years, we had been making our all-natural bug repellent balm for our kids. We have always loved products made with pure ingredients and found that there just wasn’t a good solution to keep the bites away from active kids. While there are some really excellent bug repellent sprays that are all-natural and effective short-term, we found that ultimately after a short hike/walk/part of a sporting event, the protection wasn’t lasting. Enter BUG balm--it is meant to be used strategically--on your ankles, back of knees, back of elbows, wrists and back of neck. Formulated with essential oils and a beeswax base, it adds a protective layer naturally scented with pure oils that we love the smell of, but bugs hate. Smells great and it works!  

After positive reviews from family and friends, was time to take our kid-proven bug repellent to market. This included months of testing stability and effectiveness to determine the right formulation so that it would stay on skin and also wouldn't melt the minute you put it in the soccer bag. We called our company Wilton Field Club--we were both members of a pool club in Weston, CT and decided to do a play on this as the company name. We missed the first bug season due to the need for finishing up testing so decided to expand and also test a variety of personally formulate clean skincare products as well. We branded these products Green Girl--a name more in line with the commitment we were making to all-natural effective products in sustainable packaging. Stores across Fairfield County, CT started carrying both Green Girl and Wilton Field Club products and the business grew thanks to the dedication of our local communities. In early 2020 we picked up our first national retail chain and could see a future for the business! We could see that there were so many others like us that shared our passion for pure.

In addition to the MANY surprises that 2020 brought (some of us were just not made to homeschool kindergartners!!), we were presented with several acquisition opportunities. WildBloom Skincare was a company like ours--founded by women, run by working moms and dedicated to all-natural, organic, vegan and sustainable skincare products.  In March of 2021 we finished the acquisition of WildBloom and decided to take on the name (because let’s face it...it is just beautiful:-)).  

From here our goals are to take our beautiful packaging and work towards 100% sustainable and recyclable options and broaden the product offering even further (and we have new packaging and a number of formulations in the works right now!).  

And that's the story of us! We know that you have a lot of choices when it comes to your skincare and we hope you not only give us a try, but fall in love with the broad suite of clean and effective products we offer that are safe for you, your family and the Earth.