Announcing NET ZERO Plastic Use!!

One of the foundations of our business has always been to reduce the impact our products have on the environment while remaining effective and affordable.  What we have learned over time is that in order to ensure that all of our products are effectively dispensed and transported, it is virtually impossible to get to zero plastic use. This JUST DOESN’T SIT WELL with us!!  

Because of this, we have been searching for a way to ensure that our company achieves net-zero plastic usage while we work on strategies that will eliminate the need for any plastic in our production. Enter PLASTIC BANK!  We are thrilled to participate in a partnership with the organization which ethically recovers plastic that would have otherwise landed in the ocean while improving the lives of those who help collect it. Participating members around the world collect plastic and bring it to Plastic Bank locations who sort it by color and type.  These members are then compensated by credits immediately deposited into their accounts and can be redeemed for essentials such as food, clothing, health insurance and more! The collected plastic is then recycled and made into new plastic within their closed-loop supply chain. Less plastic in the ocean, ethical work for coastal communities in need and less demand for virgin plastic in the world--a win for all!  

WildBloom has committed to annually 50,000 bottles prevented and 55 families impacted through this program. We will continue to increase this commitment as our bottle use increases while still working to eliminate plastic from our production. While many of our products, like our Cranberry Peptide Eye Cream and our Face Oils, are currently in glass containers, we're working to increase that number even more. In the coming months, you will see our serums and tonics all migrate to glass bottles and bamboo caps, which will leave our pumps as the only plastic component in production by year end. For today, we can proudly say that through our support of Plastic Bank, we are a net-zero plastic company in both operations and production!! Thank you for supporting our mission of sustainability and affordability in luxury natural skincare!