My Daily Skincare Routine

After the merge of WildBloom and Green Girl, we've often been asked, “What should my daily routine look like? How can these products work together?” While the actual products are different based on skin type, the core of what can  create luminescent skin is the same--cleanse, tone, repair and moisturize!  

The first step for every skin type is a good cleanser. We have lots of options based on what you are trying to achieve with your skin, however, you can’t go wrong with the basic Activated Charcoal Soap.  Not going to lie--this is my favorite! This soap gets exciting when you really lather it up--with at least five rotations in your hand. You should see the charcoal turn from black to a grey light foam. Then massage it into your face for at least 10-20 seconds. When done right, that foam actually creates what looks like a thick mask. The extra lather is KEY--if you only turn in your hand once or twice, you don’t get a good lather going before it hits your face. If you can get the mask-like foam to your face, you are really getting the maximum benefit of activating the charcoal to remove impurities while also getting the moisturizing qualities of the shea butter base. If you have acne-prone skin (and yes, mask-ne and adult acne qualify!) there is no better way to start your cleansing routine than the basic Activated Charcoal Bar!

Once your face is clean and fresh, you need a toner! For normal skin to slightly oily skin, go with the Purifying Sea Salt Tonic. If your goal is anti-aging, Rose Renewal Tonic is a great choice. If you have acne, the Soothing Tea Leaf Tonic is for you and is ESSENTIAL--most skincare routines leave out the toner, however, this is the layer that makes everything work. Without it, your next step of serum and moisturizer are just getting you to baseline care rather than really working to correct a skin issue. 

Next comes serums--why serums?  Why not just head to moisturizer?  Serums are packed with powerful benefits that are not diluted by the base of moisturizers. Core ingredients, like CoQ10, Hyaluronate and beneficial essential oils, aren’t stuck at the surface of your skin, but rather penetrate the outer layer to fight acne, reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and reduce the appearance of skin discoloration. One pump of any of our serums is all you need and it will spread over the entire face and neck. Pro tip--don’t neglect your neck!  Whatever you are doing to your face, do it to your neck or you could end up with the problem spots below the chin that start to show with age.  

The final element to grab that glowing complexion is the right moisturizer.  Remember--moisturizer sits on top of skin so rather than helping your complexion, it can actually hurt it by locking in extra oils. For normal skin, the Facial Hydration Serum from the Green Girl line is our go-to. It has a base of jojoba oil, which has been used in skincare for years due to its deep moisturizing properties without an oily finish. If you need a bit more than this, check out our Moisture Whip Cream--deeper moisture for dry skin but also light enough for daily wear. Our Immortelle Nectar Face Oil is a MUST for aging skin that needs a strong protective moisture layer against the elements.  

So what about SPF? You know from our last post that we have some excellent options that can be used in replacement of the moisturizing layer and if you are going the tinted route, will even give you a finished look.

This routine will leave your skin radiant and strong as it is designed to calm over-worked skin. You might even be able to ditch your foundation routine--I have!