Here Comes the (After) Sun

Like all best-laid plans that don't turn out as expected, no matter how diligent you are about staying away from the harmful effects of the sun’s rays -- sometimes sunburns happen. Whether you missed a spot or missed a reapplication, it is critical that you treat your skin with some extra love after excessive sun exposure. Here’s our formula for repair and also to reduce redness and other discoloration.

1) Start with a gentle cleanser. Make sure that you have properly cleaned off any sunscreen that is remaining and...avoid make up! When you have a burn, it might feel necessary to apply something that will reduce the appearance of the burn, however, it is best to let the skin heal before applying any coverups. Be sure to use a gentle formula, like our Wildflower and Honey Face Cleanser.  And here’s a secret -- use the same gentle cleanser for your body when you are in repair mode.  

2) Once clean, it's time to tone! Toners help get those healing ingredients right to work without clogging pores. We like the Rose Renewal Face Tonic -- it's meant to restore mature skin, and since every burn you experience matures the skin faster, you need the rose to help reduce the red.  

3) Facial Hydration Serum is next and this is excellent for use on anywhere that is burned. Yes, this serum is made for your face, but that is because of its concentration of therapeutic-grade essential oils. A powerful combination of lavender, copaiba and frankincense gives your skin everything it needs to repair. This is my go-to for after-sun that we have found can actually reduce the redness overnight if you use after the shower and before bed.  

If you normally go with an additional moisturizer, keep it light. Nothing too heavy. This is a great time to add a layer of aloe if it is a significant burn.  

4) Finally -- stay out of the sun while you heal! This might not be possible, but remember that even if you are wearing a hat, the sun’s rays can bounce off the ground/sand right back to your skin. It's best to cover up as best you can after a burn to allow your skin to rest.  

So lather on that sunscreen, be sure to reapply often and enjoy being outside this summer! But if you do accidentally partake too much, WildBloom has you and your family covered with products made with naturally soothing and healing ingredients that help repair and restore your stressed skin.