Safe Summer Travels

In the past 18 months, being clean has taken on a whole new meaning! Washing your hands wasn’t enough - we needed to incorporate masks, hand sanitizer and keep our distance to make sure we took care of ourselves and our community. While these measures helped us stay safe, they weren’t always the best for the environment - and in some cases, safest for your skin. How frequently have you seen plastic sanitizer bottles discarded on the street, in the garbage or floating around in your bag or backseat of your car? Or found a discarded mask on the street? The FDA even had to issue a warning about toxic methanol used in some hand sanitizers which when absorbed into the skin could result in methanol poisoning with symptoms including nausea, dizziness, weakness, and visual disturbances.

Let’s sanitize the sustainable and natural way! WildBloom’s Citrus Hand Cleansing spray has a fabulous citrus scent, is 70% non-GMO alcohol-based and packaged in an amber glass bottle. You can throw it in your bag but when empty, you can either reuse or recycle the bottle rather than it ending up in a landfill. It’s the perfect size to take on the go and the thick amber glass won’t break. It sprays on and rubs to a dry finish with no residue or need to wipe off wet hands. Essential oils from pink grapefruit, lemon, lime, litsea, and sweet orange keep hands soft and moisturized. 

We might be able to relax a bit now with life getting back to normal a bit more, but let’s face it, we still want to keep things germ-free. So while you prepare for a family trip or kids heading to camp this summer, throw a few bottles in the bag and feel good about ingredients that are pure enough for skin sanitizing, but powerful enough to sanitize those highly trafficked surface areas - like doorknobs, tables and light switches. We also like to keep a bottle at our desk to spray and wipe down our keyboard and phone to keep the germs away. And send us your feedback - we want to know how you use it in your daily life!