Trends in Fall Skincare

While the summer heat seems to not be letting up anytime soon, a return to school means that fall is right around the corner! Fall runways are predicting more back-to-the-future styles and here’s our take on what it means when it comes to your skincare!

Trend #1: 90’s Revival

We were on an airplane the other day and I looked over and saw the person across the aisle had “Clueless” playing on the screen. Alicia Silverstone had on a white T-shirt with a scrappy black tank over the top.  And judging by designers like Marc Jacobs, Madewell and J Crew, it looks like fall will be a great time to channel your inner Jennifer Aniston. To grab these looks, you need natural glowing skin!  Start with the right cleanser—Wildflower and Honey Face Cleanser is a perfect start for most routines and is safe for all skin types. Don’t neglect your roller—roll over face to open pores to accept your serums and facial oils. Our favorite natural glow is the Renewed Radiance Facial Oil.  This go-to is the easy step that works to correct the appearance of skin issues and really give a natural but matte glow. Make up is minimal and this is the perfect fall style!

Trend #2: Cropped Tops

We saw this all spring and summer in the teen group and it is continuing through the fall. If you have a midriff that is bare-worthy, the skin needs to look great!  Check out our Healing Rose Body Serum for all-over moisture. This one is excellent for reducing the appearance of stretch marks, scars and really smells wonderful.

Trend #3: Lavender

Yes, this seems to be a color of the season, but outside of the fashion trend, this is one of the best powerhouse essential oils. Therapeutic-grade essential lavender (we use only the best in our products) can help to reduce the appearance of skin discoloration and works for all skin types.  And who doesn’t love the idea of the aroma matching the outfit?? Check out our Hydra Glow Balm for head-to-toe hydration and skin soothing, and also our Calming Room Spray to relieve stress and find your inner calm.

Trend #4: Loose Denim

I have to tell you—I hate this one. Skinny jeans are my JAM. However, this is what the fashion gods are telling us is the “IN” thing for fall. But let's keep the baggy look in your denim - not your skin! Our Cranberry Peptide Eye Cream is formulated with cranberry seed extract to calm puffiness and tighten skin tissue. Spritz your skin with Rose Renewal Face tonic with DMAE to tighten and brighten skin tone, then follow with Omega Renewal Face Cream with hibiscus extract to firm and smooth skin. Because the only thing loose in this trend should be those jeans!

As we fall into the new season, it is the perfect time to refresh your wardrobe and freshen your skincare routine along with it. Need your perfect skincare matchmaker? Head over to our website tool and we will get you paired with the perfect picks!