Scent vs. Fragrance in Skincare: What's the Difference?

We often get asked about what we put in some of our products, especially the oils and serums, that makes them smell so heavenly (hello, Immortelle Nectar Face Oil!). At WildBloom, we only add natural ingredients that have a positive impact on the quality of the skin and the added benefit is simply the beautiful aroma that comes from the bottle! 

But what exactly is the difference between added fragrance and natural scent? Most fragrance oils are synthetic, created with a mix of aroma chemicals and natural ingredients. Just one fragrance oil can be made up of 50-80 materials and ingredients - with luxury perfumes boasting upwards of FIVE TIMES that number!  

In contrast, the therapeutic-quality essential oils that create the scents you’ll enjoy in our products are all derived from plants, flowers and herbs. The extraction process typically entails heating the natural materials until a gas is released and then condensing the gas back into a liquid. Not everything in nature, however, produces an essential oil.  Some good examples include strawberry and vanilla. This means that if you have products scented with these fragrances they are typically made of synthetic chemical compounds and could cause inflammation and irritation on sensitive skin.  

If you are having trouble with your current skincare and body care routine, like noticing rashiness or redness, you may be having a reaction to a synthetic fragrance in your products. Rest assured that everything in our line is scented with all-natural essential oils!