Is there a RIGHT way to wash your face?

For most of us, washing your face and skin is like breathing—the muscle memory of your hand lathering up the cleanser and washing away the day or night impurities comes naturally without additional thought. But are you maximizing the effectiveness of this everyday habit to get the best results possible for your skin?

First, make sure you have the right cleanser. Using a cleanser with tea tree oil is going to be too drying for skin that normally is dry after washing. In our line, the Wildflower + Honey Face Cleanser is the most versatile for all skin types while the Activated Charcoal Facial Bar is the go-to for oily or acne prone skin.

Once you have the right cleanser, wash in lukewarm water, NOT hot water. Using your hands, gently rub the cleanser over your face. There was a movement a few years ago to SCRUB skin—this is not necessary and can actually damage the layers of your skin. Generally, you should avoid microdermabrasions because they can open the skin to unwanted impurities and actually counteract what you are trying to do with your skincare products. Avoid any body polishes on your face—some people are tempted to really exfoliate, however, the granules from most polishes are too harsh for your face.

Gently wash away the cleanser and pat dry with a towel. This is the right place to add in a bamboo cloth if you have it!

Once you finish with the cleansing, don’t forget to tone and moisturize! Tonics are relatively new on the skincare scene and can make a real difference in gaining the results that you are looking for with your products. Follow with a serum to ensure that the nutrient-rich ingredients which improve the appearance of your skin are able to absorb at the right time in the process. We especially love our Hyaluronic Rescue Serum for it’s lightweight formula that works for all skin types.

Whatever your skin type, there is a great cleansing routine we can offer—check out our skincare matchmaker for the right fit for your skin!