Well water and skincare - what you need to know (Part 2)

In last week’s blog, we discussed what hard water is and how it can make skincare you're using completely ineffective—or even leave your skin looking worse. Last week's first two tips are to install a water softener in your house and switch to an all-natural cleanser rather than soap. Try one of our all-natural cleansers that align with your skin’s natural pH.  

Once you have the cleansing under control, this is the moment for the TONICS!  As you may recall, the purpose of the tonic is to reset the skin to get it ready for the rest of your skincare routine. If you have hard water (or even a little rough) the water is stripping away the barrier layer. Mist on one of our tonics that is right for your skin type so the skin is prepped and ready to restore the barrier layer. (PS, the Vitamin C Quench Face Tonic is back in stock and will sell out; the benefit of small batch luxury skincare is that it's always made fresh for best results. The downside is that when you get a powerhouse product like this, it flies off the shelf when it is restocked!!)

The best next step to help repair and replenish your skin's barrier layer is our Renewed Radiance Face Oil. This oil is PACKED with therapeutic-grade essential oils that work to reduce the appearance of redness, dryness and even fine lines. This oil works for all skin types, but is especially great for those with acne-prone skin.  For these folks, this is where I stop—take a few days of calming cleanser, tonic and Renewed Radiance to just get back to a strong baseline.  For the rest of your body, use the Healing Rose Body Serum for your core and legs and the Hydra Glow Balm for your hands and feet.  

In the colder weather, you might find that you need extra hydration so top with Moisture Whip Face Cream or Omega Face Renewal Face Cream as the final step for skin perfection!

Hard water doesn’t have to be hard on your skin—build a skincare routine that is designed for the life you live!!