Tweens and Teens—how to treat the sassiest of skin.

It feels like it happens almost overnight. One day your sweet angel looks up at you with an adoring coo and the next you are marveling how impressive it is that you can interpret their eyerolls and mumbles and wonder when the last time was that grunts weren’t a part of every conversation. As the attitude emerges, so do skincare challenges.

We all remember the trauma that acne-prone skin can cause when kids hit high school, however, most children start to show oily skin or impurity build-up that can lead to small breakouts between 8-10 years old. Normally it is a minor issue and goes away, but the more active the kid (think soccer, lacrosse, ballet, etc), the more likely that the little breakouts are a sign of skin that needs some attention.  

If you are wondering how and when to start a skincare routine for your littles, it is probably already time! The same way that children use soap for their bodies, they should also give the right cleaning to their faces. Starting a good cleansing routine early builds the muscle memory and habit with kids so that they just naturally clean, tone and moisturize their skin as part of their everyday practice. So here’s the best way to start: 

  1. Start with the clean—cleansing away the impurities is a MUST. We love our Activated Charcoal Soap bar because it is gentle enough for the youngest skin, easy to use and a powerhouse of effective cleansers. The activated charcoal works as a sponge to soak up excess oil and rinse away impurities.  
  2. TONE—most kids and adults skip the step, however, this is the layer that actually could add the most benefit to adolescent skin. Specifically, the cleanser leaves skin bare and prone to absorbing impurities. The moisturizer is going to be some type of oil/cream depending on the skin. In between the two, you need toner to prepare skin for the moisturizing layer to maximize performance and not clog the pores. They are packed with ingredients that replenish and restore nutrients to the skin and work to diminish redness and dry patches. Any of our tonics are great for this step, however, for our tweens we recommend 3-4 pumps of either the Soothing Tea Leaf or Purifying Sea Salt Tonics, which are both excellent for acne-prone skin, and allow it to absorb. Don’t skip this step - even if you have been happy with your personal skincare routine, it might be improved simply by adding a good toner.  
  3. Add back the moisture—Most folks tend to go with a moisturizing cream. We don’t love this for the tween group because it could be too heavy for the skin. Instead, try our Renewed Radiance Face Oil. I know—it sounds weird to use oil to reduce oiliness. But this is not an oil that is meant to sit on top of the skin (like body oils). Rather, this is a deep penetrating moisturizer that is also packed with lavender, frankincense and other therapy-grade essential oils that go deep to reduce redness and heal the skin. Adults typically use 2-4 pumps to cover their face but kids need only 1-2. It will absorb to a matte finish in about 3-5 minutes. Typically we see results in a few days with this regimen. In the dryer months, we also love the Moisture Whip Face Cream for around noses and other skin dry patches after the serum base.  

One other note—when I see very damaged acne-prone skin, it is typically not from neglect. Parents/teens try multiple routines, however, more often than not, they are actually just too intense for the skin and are overworking the skin’s natural regeneration ability. All WildBloom products are free from harsh chemicals and focus on getting back to the basics of skincare. Often less is more when it comes to younger skin. Enjoy the ride with these sassiest of skin types and please send us your feedback on what is working for your family!