The Ultimate Guide to Sustainable Beauty: Skincare Habits for a Greener Lifestyle

WildBloom: The Essence of Sustainable Skincare

Have you ever wondered about the significance of sustainability when it comes to skincare, or what it truly entails? If you, or someone in your household, align with the growing trend of conscious consumers, you likely have an array of skincare and beauty products gracing your bathroom shelves. The challenge lies in the fact that a significant portion of these products reside in plastic containers. Even more concerning, the higher a product's perceived luxury or expense, the more non-essential packaging it tends to include. Shockingly, approximately 70% of the beauty industry's environmental impact is attributed to packaging waste.

According to the latest findings from Zero Waste Week, the beauty industry contributes over 120 billion units of packaging waste to landfills annually. Moreover, a substantial portion of these packages cannot be recycled, as they consist of mixed materials that recycling facilities often cannot process.

At WildBloom, we are committed to a journey of full sustainability by:

  1. Transitioning to 100% glass bottles and containers.
  2. Partnering with The Plastic Bank to actively remove packaging waste from our oceans.
  3. Using only natural ingredients, ensuring that any potential leaching poses no harm to the environment.

Just like you, we encourage responsible choices. When you embark on your sustainable journey, don't simply discard virgin plastic packaging. Use it until you've savored every drop of the product, and then recycle what you can before considering a new purchase. When you're ready, we're here to assist you and your family in making a seamless transition to a more sustainable skincare routine.

WildBloom: Bright beyond the bottle.