How to Give Skincare

The holidays are a perfect time to share your appreciation to those that support you throughout the year--and what perfect way to do that than to give the gift of glow!  Every year I ask my friends that are teachers--what are the best gifts that you get each year?  And every year they tell me either beauty products or cash.  Luxurious beauty products are such a great gift because most people won't splurge on themselves. There are always other things to spend on - the house, groceries your family. Self-care will always be pushed down on the list. That's why the gift of beauty and wellness is always appreciated!

So--what are the best skincare gifts to give??  According to my very unofficial poll of about six good friends that are teachers :-) 

  1. Sunscreen. They love it because they will use it. Either on themselves or their kids on upcoming vacations.  All-natural and pure sunscreen is such a nice gift because it tends to be a bit more expensive and is always needed!
  2. Body lotion and oils. You can’t go wrong with a soothing lotion or oil for the body. This time of year is very dry in much of the country and nothing screams luxury like a gorgeous smelling, hydrating serum that snuffs out the scales on wintery skin (think rose scented--this is always a crowd pleaser).  
  3. Facial mist/toners. This is the perfect gift for anyone because it is not only GREAT for sealing in moisture, it smells great, nourishes skin and is a perfect travel companion--spray on before, after and during plane trips to avoid inevitable mask-ne and dryness from the plane.  

AND--you can’t go wrong with a gift card!  A skincare gift card allows loved ones, teachers and care givers to personalize their experience and ensures that they will purchase something for themselves. Cash is great but it always ends up paying for a practical purchase. A gift card is a real treat to promote self-care for those that take care of us (and our kids) all year long!!