Hot Trend: Blue Beauty

If you are a lover of all things WildBloom, chances are that you care about clean beauty. Clean beauty has been a hot trend in beauty for over a decade - and why shouldn’t it be?  At it’s core, clean beauty is about getting all of the anti-aging, anti-acne luminous skincare benefits without all of the harsh chemical ingredients. It's eliminating the bad and adding only natural goodness to your skin. Clean beauty naturally works with the "green beauty" movement - opting for organic, vegan and sustainable ingredients that are packaged responsibly. But very recently you may have heard about BLUE beauty - so what is that and how is it different from being green?

Nope, it's not another throwback 90’s trend so you can put that blue eyeshadow away! Blue beauty is actually just the next evolution of the clean beauty movement. Being "blue" means protecting the world’s oceans from the aftermath of our use of skincare products. Over 200 MILLION tons of plastic are produced each year and only 9% of that plastic is recycled. Unfortunately, that means that over 98 MILLION tons of plastic end up in our oceans every year.  And as consumers of beauty products, unfortunately many of our favorite products are packaged in plastic containers that could ultimately end up in the ocean.  

When plastic goes into the ocean and stays there, not only can it harm marine life (save the sea turtles!), but the plastic can contaminate our food and drinking supply. Even if the ingredients in your skincare are pure, if the plastic ends up in the ocean then you are still at risk of contamination.

So is it possible to get gorgeous, glowing skin without the negative impact to the environment? Yes! It just takes a little effort and dedication.

Most of you know that WildBloom merged with Green Girl in 2021 and we are investing heavily to phase out all of our plastic and virgin plastic use as a company. In the meantime, if you purchase a bottle that is plastic, the bottle is recyclable--put that in with your mixed recycling. Unfortunately, the top is NOT recyclable at this time. This is true of most products that have plastic containers--recycle the bottle and ditch the cap and pump operation.  

After we run through the current bottles, we are transitioning to bamboo and glass bottles--which are PERFECT to reuse before you recycle. Here are some ideas that we have heard from customers: 

  1. For your spray bottles, remove the label and use them to spray water your houseplants.
  2. For the spray bottles, clean them out and add your olive oil to use as a cooking spray.  
  3. For the jarred eye cream/Hydra balm-type containers, clean them out and use them for jewelry storage or even to wrap a small gift!

Once you are fully done with our new glass and bamboo bottles, they are fully recyclable. We are dedicated to keeping our earth clean, just like our beauty.  Please help us by doing your part to reuse and recycle!