Bug Bite After Care - Naturally!

Living in CT, our area had a very wet summer that has led to late-summer bug-mageddon, specifically mosquitos. Case in point, this morning I went outside for no more than 5 minutes with no repellent and got about 18 mosquito bites. We're talking flaming red, swollen, seriously itchy welt-like bites. Now, as the founder of an all-natural bug repellent, I know that one of the key premises of any bug repellent is that you must put the repellent on BEFORE the bugs come a bitin' - ugh, major fail! So, what to do now?

I went back inside and applied our Renewed Radiance Facial Oil all over each of the bites. Now these aren’t the best pictures, however, what you are looking at is a before and after with 10-minutes in between. The anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory therapeutic essential oils in this oil/serum hybrid are perfect for reducing redness and calming skin. I went from feeling that I needed to take some allergy medicine because of the giant red welt on my arm, to the bites being completely gone with no itch. On one particularly bad bite on my leg, it was about half the size in 10 minutes! I also use this if my family accidentally gets too much sun— it takes the redness out overnight!

While every skin type is different, for many this is your every day, every way skincare serum that is a must-have for when skincare mishaps happen. Grab some and try it out!