Activated Charcoal Soap
Activated Charcoal Soap
Activated Charcoal Soap

Activated Charcoal Soap


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Activated Charcoal is one of our best-selling soaps for a good reason! This facial bar deeply cleanses and removes grime and dirt from clogged pores, leaving the skin squeaky clean and acne-free. Handcrafted with all-natural ingredients, it's a must-have for those looking for a natural & gentle alternative to regular face wash.

Our Facial Bar is made with the following natural ingredients:

Activated Charcoal: Works to remove impurities, excess sebum from the face & acne marks.

Tea Tree Oil: Helps in reducing redness & swelling caused by active acne and helps in reducing scarring. 

Lavender: Has various therapeutic properties, helps in evening skin-tone & is anti-inflammatory. It is best followed with our Facial Hydration Serum as a moisturizer for the perfect morning and evening routine!