12 days of Christmas (Skincare)

On the first day of Christmas my true love gave to me…

Ok, so we won’t go through the full fun song, but this is your go-to source for checking off your list everyone that deserves some self-care this season!!

  1. HAND SANITIZER--This is often a purchase we make without giving it much thought but if you want to give practical self-care, this spray is the perfect stocking stuffer for everyone on your list!  No messy, drippy gels - this spray dries to a soft, hydrating finish. GIVE IT TO: ANYONE AND EVERYONE!
  2. FACIAL TONER--This is not your typical facial astringent but a serious self-care multi-tasker. Spritz on the facial toner after your daily cleansing routine or bring in with you on the plane for a serious skin refresh after a dry flight to fight dullness and acne. GIVE IT TO: YOUR BFF
  3. FACIAL CLEANSER-- Stick with a pure and simple cleanser like our Wildflower + Honey.  Most people don’t take the step of cleansing with a cleanser formulated for specific facial needs, so this is perfect for those that need pampering. GIVE IT TO: MOM 
  4. MINI REGIMENS SETS--There has been a TON of press recently that the acne regimens of the past were too harsh and ultimately led to overworked, over-processed and damaged skin. Our high-quality, all-natural and effective skincare is perfect to break the cycle of extreme skincare and still get glowing results for acne-ridden skin.  GIVE IT TO: TWEENS/TEENS, BABYSITTERS
  5. FACIAL OIL--Many people stay away from oils because they are worried that their faces will be, well...OILY!  Nothing could be further from the truth--the oil can work to reduce the production of natural oils and even out skintone.  GIVE IT TO: TWEENS, NURSES (REALLY HELPS WITH MASK-NE!!)
  6. BODY AND MASSAGE OIL--Do we even need to describe why this is needed??  And it packed with pure and natural rose oil (mic drop).  GIVE IT TO; SPOUSE, SIGNIFICANT OTHER, YOURSELF!
  7. FACIAL SERUMS--The ultimate age-fighting product, Longevity CoQ10 serum is for the folks looking for botox in a bottle - only it's natural! Hyaluronic Rescue is a perfect boost of hydration pre-moisturizer for these cooler winter days. GIVE IT TO; YOGA INSTRUCTOR, THAT FRIEND THAT IS ALWAYS UP ON THE LATEST TRENDS!
  8. CALMING ROOM SPRAY--For those that love a calm and rejuvenating scent and will treat themselves to a bath or a moment of silence...or those that need one!  GIVE IT TO: HOSTESS GIFT, MOMS OF BOYS
  9. BAMBOO FACE CLOTH--This is the product you never knew you needed. Antibacterial properties of bamboo work to remove skin impurities and make your entire cleansing routine work harder! GIVE IT TO: YOUR FAVORITE TRENDSETTER, YOUR FAVORITE VEGAN
  10. FACIAL ROLLER--Self-care is great, but we need results!!  These facial rollers really work to open up the pores and make the skincare routine more effective!!  GIVE IT TO: YOUR FAVORITE TYPE-A FRIEND
  11. MINERAL SPF--One of the best offerings for anyone that is dreaming of a sun-filled faction this winter or spring!!  Get them looking forward to fun.  Try the tinted versions for those that need to add it into their daily routine today.  GIVE IT TO: THAT JETSETTER THAT HAS BEEN WAITING ALL YEAR FOR WINTER VACATION!
  12. GIFT CARD--OK, so you just can’t go wrong with a gift card--pair it with the hand sanitizer and voila, something to wrap and something to allow them to splurge on self-care!!

Don’t forget your kids’ dance instructors, troop leaders, sports coaches, bus drivers--it doesn’t take a lot, however, most of these folks are volunteers so any small gesture really counts!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!